Google Search Appliance Consulting

As a Google partner, Actual Metrics provides expert-level knowledge for a handful of Google products, including the Google Search Appliance. Our team brings Enterprise-level experience to each engagement – our staff resumes include experience at companies like Google, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Qualcomm, and USAA.

The Google Search Appliance is ideal for secure environments like corporate intranets, CRM Software and other mission critical applications. Examples of our consulting projects include:

  • Creating frontends that mesh with the appearance of your public website or corporate intranet
  • Integrating with ecommerce websites to improve product search
  • Adding analytics to discover what users are searching for and determining if they are finding what they need
  • Improving the search function of web applications, like CRM and ERP solutions

Please contact us to discuss your project.

Google Search Appliance Reporting

The Search Appliance creates an access log that contains usernames. Google’s documentation says you can “use log analysis software or reporting software to analyze the logs” but doesn’t mention a product to use.

We have a suggestion: Angelfish Software.