Compare Google Analytics to Urchin Software

The following chart compares Google Analytics to Urchin 6. If you’d like to compare Google Analytics or Urchin to Angelfish, WebTrends, Adobe Analytics, CoreMetrics, or any other analytics package, ask us!

Urchin was canceled in 2012 – migrate your Urchin data to Angelfish..

FeaturesGoogle AnalyticsUrchin 6 SoftwareDescription
Hosted SolutionXSoftware is hosted by Google
Standalone SoftwareXSoftware is installed, configured, and managed in-house.
Track Unique VisitorsXXAccurate visitor count
Import Historical DataXProcess historical log files
Multiple Visitor Tracking MethodsXJavaScript-based, IP + UA, etc
Number of Goals204Conversion activities per profile
OS SupportN/ASomeUrchin supports Windows and Linux
Date Range ComparisonXXCompare data between 2 date ranges
View Full Visitor ClickpathsXSee how individual visitors navigate your site.
AdWords IntegrationXXGoogle Analytics automatically imports AdWords cost data
Import Cost Data from other EnginesXYahoo, MSN, etc. cost data import
GeoLocation ReportingXXLearn where site visitors are physically located
Funnel Navigational AnalysisXXDefine a series of pages for visitors to follow
Visitor SegmentationXXDrill down into data on-the-fly
Track E-Mail, PPC, Other MarketingXXAll online marketing can be tracked
Status & Error Code ReportingXTrack which pages failed to open
Track Robots and SpidersXTrack when your site is crawled
3rd Party Authentication IntegrationXIntegrate Urchin 6 with your pre-existing authentication system
Benchmark AnalysisXSee how your site compares to others in your industry
Email ReportsXXSchedule custom report emails (Urchin requires add’l development to accomplish)
E-Commerce TrackingXXTrack your e-commerce sales
Advanced SegmentationXCreate and analyze segments on the fly
Custom ReportsXXCreate customized reports (Urchin requires add’l development to accomplish)
PriceFree *$2,995*Google Analytics Premium starts at $150K per year
Pageview FeesNone *None*The free version of Google Analytics has data collection limits.