Click Spam or Blocked Tracking?

If you advertise on Google, Bing, or any major Search Engine, your web analytics package probably doesn’t see the same number of ad clicks as reported by the Search Engine.

This usually isn’t click spam: it’s more likely that some Visitors who click your ads are blocking your web analytics tracking script.

When your analytics tracking is blocked, these Visitors won’t appear in your analytics reports.

The number of Visitors who block tracking has been growing for years, and growth has accelerated recently. We think this growth is caused by more people working from home…but that’s just a theory.

So: how can you track these Visitors and see the full usage of your ad budget?

PPC Auditing

Angelfish Software is a web analytics tool that doesn’t rely on blockable (JavaScript-based) tracking. Angelfish builds its reports from access logs: from your web server, CDN, or anything that serves content.

If a Visitor clicks one of your search engine ads and blocks tracking, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see that Visitor with Angelfish. Visitors can’t hide from the access log.

Angelfish understands Google Analytics Campaign Tags and has a RESTful API so you can export data and populate your existing reporting dashboards.

PPC Management Services

Your PPC / CPC management company likely provides services similar to this list:

  • Audit your existing keyword list
  • Build and manage your list of keywords across multiple search engines
  • Tag keywords with campaign variables
  • Create and test different versions of ad copy
  • Show clicks, conversions, cost, and ROI for each keyword
  • Prune your list to exclude low performing keywords
  • Ensure you attract the most qualified visitors to your site

Angelfish Software helps you verify your PPC Management company is actually producing the results you want to see.

Learn more about Angelfish here: Angelfish Software