Looking For a Google Analytics Alternative?

Google Analytics is incredibly popular because it provides valuable data and it’s free for most customers.

Going back to 2006, our company was in the first cohort of Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAACs). As Google Analytics has evolved over the years, we’ve watched closely.

Fast forward to today: Google Analytics is more of a marketing platform than a web analytics tool. This also means it’s not a good fit for every environment.

Here are some reasons why some organizations are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics:

Data Protection Laws

Your organization is probably affected by GDPR, CCPA, CDPA, DPA, HIPAA, PIPA, PIPEDA, SCHREMS II, LGPD, or one of the many data protection acronyms that exist.

Google Analytics stores and processes data in its globally distributed network. And the Demographics and Interests reports (age, gender, affinity, in-market segments) are populated by User data.

This violates many of the data protection laws that currently exist: GDPR especially.

Arguably the best way to avoid data protection laws is to keep your data behind your firewall.

Blocked Tracking

Your websites have a surprising number of Visitors who block Google Analytics tracking – it can be as high as 40% for tech websites!

Google Analytics tracking relies on JavaScript, and this tracking is easily blocked.

When a User blocks the tracking code or tracking request, you won’t see the User in your reports.

Angelfish Software shows you Users that block Google Analytics Tracking.

User Privacy / PII

Google doesn’t allow you to store Personally Indentifiable Information (PII): Usernames, IP addresses, or anything that can be used to identify individual users.

However, there are plenty of scenarios where PII is necessary:

  • Intranet Websites & Applications
  • Extranets
  • Monitoring Access to Sensitive Data

Google Analytics Alternatives

The web analytics market is flooded with SaaS solutions, all of which are affected by Data Protection Laws, Blocked Tracking, and PII Restrictions.

We make a self-hosted web analytics software tool that avoids Data Protection Laws & PII Restrictions, and uses tracking that can’t be blocked.

Learn more about Angelfish Software here:

Google Analytics Alternative