Urchin Software Overview

Urchin Software is a web analytics package that you install on one of your own servers. Urchin is ideal for tracking public-facing websites, corporate intranets, and any web-based application that creates a log file.

Unfortunately, Google decided to discontinue Urchin Software in 2012. In its prime, Urchin was used by millions of customers and provided a complete snapshot of website activity when used in tandem with Google Analytics. Even though Urchin is no longer actively developed, there’s a surprisingly high number of Urchin installations currently in use!

Urchin Software Support

Since 2005, Actual Metrics has provided a full range of consulting, support, training, customization and integration services for Urchin. We’ve worked with hundreds of Urchin clients and have solved Urchin problems in a variety of technical environments.

Even though Urchin is no longer for sale, we still provide support for Urchin environments of all sizes. Please contact us for pricing details.

Replace Urchin with Angelfish

If you’ve inherited an Urchin installation and you’re looking to replace it with another web analytics solution, please take a look at Angelfish Software.

Angelfish is a self-hosted web analytics solution that contains migration utilities for Urchin config settings and report data.

Angelfish also processes UTM tracking gifs and UTM Campaign tags, recognizes current browsers, adds Mobile reports & nested segments, and provides low-level details you don’t see in Urchin.

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