Google Analytics Pricing

Google Analytics has two pricing tiers: Free and 360. Google Analytics 360 provides a suite of reporting tools and services to help optimize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. GA 360 also includes higher data limits, BigQuery integration, more custom variables, a Service Level Agreement, and a dedicated support team. Pricing starts at $12,500 per month and you can enhance your Google Analytics reports with Angelfish Software.

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Google Analytics for Intranets

Do you use Google Analytics for your Intranet websites? If so, there’s a slight problem:

Google Analytics isn’t designed for Intranets.

Here’s why:

  • Intranets Don’t Have an Advertising Budget
  • Usernames Aren’t Shown (no PII)
  • Poor Document Tracking
  • Privacy Regulations
  • Data Security Issues
  • Hidden Website Errors

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Google Analytics Consulting

You’ll get the best value from Google Analytics by enlisting the help of an expert – that’s where we can help. Our team of Google Analytics consultants has intricate knowledge of Google Analytics from a technical and end user perspective. Once we understand the specific challenges of your business, we’ll work with you to tailor Google Analytics to the needs of your website.